Phenotypeca wins a voucher for the exploration of how the genetic diversity of Saccharomyces cerevisiae may be harnessed for the production of VLPs with The Future Vaccine Manufacturing Research Hub (Vax-Hub).

March 2020

This VaxHub Interaction Voucher will facilitate a new collaboration between scientists from the Jenner Institute and Phenotypeca Ltd with the aim of assessing if the genetic diversity of strains of Saccharomyces cerevisiae can be used to enhance the production of virus-like particles (VLPs).

Different species of yeast have been successfully used for the production of VLPs – as evident in the production of Hepatitis B (an enveloped capsid) and Human papilloma (a non-enveloped capsid) vaccines. However, little work has been done on determining what characteristics of the yeast are required for efficient VLP production. Work producing these vaccines has been carried out with a very limited set of yeast strains.

Of all the yeast species Saccharomyces cerevisiae is the most well studied – being the model eukaryote with well-developed tools that allow its manipulation and optimisation.”

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