Phenotypeca successfully complete first quarter of Innovate UK Project with Invizius and CPI

March 2020

Phenotypeca are delighted to announce a positive first quarter result in the Innovate UK funded project, developing next-generation baker’s yeast production strains for Invizius’ novel H-Guard coating for dialysis membranes. These will be capable of preventing, at source, the blood's foreign body reactions, and therefore improving long-term dialysis outcomes for patients.

In early December 2019, Phenotypeca, Invizius and CPI were awarded an Innovate UK Smart Grant “Development of second-generation S. cerevisiae hosts for enhanced protein yield and quality” to apply technology proven for the cGMP manufacture of biopharmaceuticals to the production of Invizius’ H-Guard product. Using genetically diverse strains of baker’s yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Phenotypeca will screen a population of up to a billion progeny to identify cells with improved properties for H-Guard production during yeast fermentations performed at CPI.

“We have made a great start”, says Keith Williams, Managing Director of Phenotypeca, who are leading the project, “It’s been exceptional to bring together such a unique combination of world leading scientists to improve our manufacturing technology in this way and in the UK, all of which has been made possible by Innovate UK’s support now and during previous infrastructure investments at CPI. We look forward to pressing on with the project once we are able to get back into the labs soon!”

About Phenotypeca

Phenotypeca (the trading name of Phenotypeca Ltd) are a synthetic biology company with research facilities at the University of Nottingham’s Biodiscovery Institute, specialising in rapid yeast strain optimisation for bioprocessing industries. This proven technology with a long safety track-record from biopharmaceutical manufacturing has been combined with advanced yeast breeding and genomics technology developed by Professor Ed Louis at the University of Nottingham and the University of Leicester, to improve the phenotypes of yeast cells for industrial fermentation processes.

About Invizius

Invizius is a medical devices company based central Scotland developing solutions to improve the treatment and prognosis for dialysis patients.

Despite significant improvements in the quality and efficacy of hemodialysis therapy in recent years, cardiovascular disease (CVD) remains the leading cause of death for dialysis patients. Today, almost half of all dialysis patients die from cardiovascular complications. With its proprietary H-Guard™ technology, Invizius is addressing the side effects of hemodialysis to help patients feel better and suffer fewer cardiovascular complications.

About CPI

CPI is an independent technology innovation centre and a founding member of the UK Government’s High Value Manufacturing Catapult. CPI applies its years of experience across a broad range of industries to ensure that every great invention gets the best opportunity to become a successfully marketed product.

CPI’s integrated approach provides its partners with a unique combination of assets, expertise and skills to drive successful innovation. With a deep understanding of innovation processes and funding, outstanding technical expertise and industry-relevant assets, CPI enables products and processes to be quickly and cost-effectively brought to market. By employing bright minds from both academia and industry, CPI helps create a bespoke team that will provide the right support, helping you to navigate the route to commercialisation while reducing risk along the way.