Phenotypeca and Biocon agree a multi-million pound deal for the development of industrial baker’s yeast strains for the expression of peptides for therapeutic treatment

    Phenotypeca, the company famous for having the World’s largest unique collection of baker’s yeast strains, bred and engineered for stable industrial recombinant protein production, is delighted to announce a new multi-million pound partnership with Biocon, one of India’s largest pharmaceutical companies.

    In this project the companies aim to improve accessibility by reducing cost-of goods for life-saving medicines by optimising the production of some specialist therapeutic peptides. Split over two stages, the project will start with Phenotypeca’s signature PhenoStart™ process for R&D yeast strain development in order to select and screen candidate strains. The best strain candidates will move onto a PhenoDev™ process to produce the best industrial strains for Biocon’s already developed process for the therapeutic in question.

    With a shared mission of making life-saving medicines more affordable, both companies are looking forward to the output of this partnership and the impact that this innovation will have on the wider biopharmaceutical industry.

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