Isogenica collaborates with Biofoundry Biotech Phenotypeca through Medilink grant award

    Isogenica are collaborating with Phenotypeca, whose platform will deploy yeast-display for multivalent VHHs to accelerate drug candidate selection in vitro, while identifying and providing yeast strains for commercial manufacture. 

    The collaboration has been supported through an Innovation Support Grant (ISG) grant from Medilink. The project aims to develop its exceptional yeast breeding platform to develop high throughput screening and optimised protein manufacture including the cell surface display of VHH multi-specific molecules antibodies. The project will see improved productivity and reduce the time to produce quality Isogenica VHH antibody-based therapeutics. 

    CEO Bill Eldridge says “We are excited to see this collaboration with Phenotypeca going forward. The project will enhance our efforts to streamline and scale our multispecific antibody discovery programmes, allowing the parallel production and functional testing of numerous multi-specifics. 

    Phenotypeca’s deep expertise in yeast development combined with Isogenica’s protein engineering and drug development skills will make this collaboration drive a step change in the production and assessment of potentially life-saving biotherapeutics.” 

    Phenotypeca, a yeast biofoundry that creates unique synthetic biology solutions to make any recombinant protein – including biologic drugs – offers the PhenoDev™ platform which establishes optimal yeast strains for the production of biologics. This can be scaled up through the PhenoFull™ process development. Research from this collaboration will allow Isogenica to apply these processes to its multi-specifics drug discovery process in order to scale-up for further development of the antibodies. 

    Phenotypeca Co-Founder & Managing Director, Keith Williams adds “This Medilink-funded collaboration builds on a growing strategic partnership between Phenotypeca and Isogenica that is defining innovative solutions for medicine manufacture. We are delighted that our unique PhenoDev™ platform will enable Isogenica to optimise its production of high-quality VHH antibody-therapeutics, contributing towards making life-saving medicines more accessible and affordable for all that need them.” 

    About Isogenica 

    Isogenica specialises in single-domain biotherapeutics (VHH antibodies). In collaboration with biopharmaceutical partners Isogenica has developed a deep pipeline including two clinical assets and numerous partnered discovery and pre-clinical stage programs. Our fully synthetic humanised VHHantage™ library offers maximum diversity to epitopes which are difficult to target using conventional immunisation methods. VHH represent an ideal format for incorporation in CAR-T, T-cell engaging therapeutics, Antibody Radio Conjugates, Antibody Drug Conjugates and bispecific and multispecific formats. These antibodies are developed to a target product profile with carefully designed affinities, valencies and specificities enabling refined tumour cell targeting and modes of action. 

    About Phenotypeca 

    Phenotypeca is becoming the ‘go-to’ platform for the development of baker’s yeast strains for industrial-scale manufacture of vaccines, therapeutic and other recombinant proteins. These markets had over $200billion in revenue globally in 2020 and Phenotypeca offers an animal free, sustainable option for both these specific markets and other industrial applications. 

    Phenotypeca has generated the World’s largest collection of diverse baker’s yeast strains engineered for industrial recombinant protein production and is developing the groundbreaking Lab 4.0 approach alongside a consortium of World leaders in machine learning, robotics and artificial intelligence. Phenotypeca is currently fundraising and was recently awarded a grant by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for a project in the vaccine development space. 

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