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About Phenotypeca®

Phenotypeca is a yeast Biofoundry business.

We have the world’s largest collection of yeast strains engineered for industrial recombinant protein production, comprising up to a billion genetically distinct strains.

We will create and own yeast synthetic biology solutions to make any recombinant protein, but initially vaccines, diagnostics and therapeutic proteins.

Our mission is to make life-saving medicines more affordable and accessible to all of those who need them.

  1. Phenotypeca Limited Incorporated

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  2. Ed Louis joins Phenotypeca as Chief Scientist

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  3. Patrick Florent from the world of vaccines and patent attorney Anton Hutter join the Phenotypeca Advisory Board

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  4. Phenotypeca wins £373,000 Innovate UK Smart Grants for the development of second-generation S. cerevisiae hosts for enhanced protein yield and quality

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  5. Phenotypeca wins a voucher for the exploration of how the genetic diversity of Saccharomyces cerevisiae may be harnessed for the production of VLPs with The Future Vaccine Manufacturing Research Hub (Vax-Hub).

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  6. Phenotypeca win IUK grant for the ‘rapid response to COVID-19’ competition

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