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Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Novel Biologics
Production Strains

Phenotypeca provides novel biologics production strains of the regulatory friendly baker's yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae for the manufacture of biologicals.

We offer world leading yeast technology to rapidly provide cost-effective production strains optimised for specific biotechnology processes. This is achieved by harnessing the natural diversity in up to a billion different yeast cells to identify those with the ideal phenotypes and performance characteristics for your industrial process conditions.

Working with our customers we aim to improve access to life-saving medicines and promote sustainable manufacturing. With baker's yeast now fully established for the safe and economic production of FDA approved biologics, such as insulins and vaccines, our technology is ideal for taking your bioprocesses to the next level.

Four Proven Benefits

Why Choose Our Platform?


Competitive cost of goods

S. cerevisiae is already well-established for large-scale cGMP manufacturing of FDA approved biologics at competitive cost-of-goods.


Highly successful track record

Yeast breeding has a highly successful track-record for strain improvement, which we combine with rational synthetic biology and beneficial phenotypes known from existing large-scale industrial expression platforms.


Tailored to your process conditions

By selecting candidates from around a billion different strains, we identify the ideal phenotypes and performance characteristics tailored to your industrial process conditions, with scale-up designed in.


Strong IP Generation

High-throughput phenotyping and quantitative trait loci (QTL) analysis is a proven method for strong IP generation.

Phenotypeca - Why choose Our platform

Our Unique Solution

  • The unicellular microbe S. cerevisiae offers extremely competitive cost-of-goods compared to mammalian systems, typically an order of magnitude lower, with 1g purified product from yeast often costing less than 1L culture media for mammalian cells.
  • The vast majority of FDA approved biologics from yeast are made by S. cerevisiae, which is naturally suited to the quality standards required for biologics production and has a long, safe track-record with the regulatory authorities.
  • A genetically diverse collection of CBD* compliant yeast strains is used in advanced breeding and high throughput screening to select traits valuable to your specific production process.
  • Genome analysis is performed to identify the beneficial traits for your IP protection.
  • S. cerevisiae is extremely attractive for next-generation biologics manufacturing, because it is “the model eukaryote” with a wealth of genetic resources and know-how available for strain optimisation, e.g. for difficult-to-express proteins.

* Convention on Biological Diversity.

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