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Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Next-Generation Yeast
Strains for Production

Phenotypeca provides you with novel biologics production strains of the regulatory friendly baker's yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae optimised for your recombinant products.

The combination of our team and world leading yeast technology enables us to rapidly produce cost effective production strains optimised for the manufacture of specific proteins under defined bioprocessing conditions. We achieve this by harnessing the natural diversity of our billion different yeast strains to identify those strains with the preferred performance characteristics. We then breed and engineer those strains to your exact process requirements.

Working with our customers, our long-term aim is to improve access to life-saving medicines and promote sustainable manufacturing globally. Baker's yeast has been used safely by man for thousands of years, and is used today to produce many biologically active products approved by the regulatory authorities, such as insulin and vaccines, so our new platform technology is ideal for making safe efficacious biopharmaceuticals.

Four Proven Benefits

Why Choose Our Platform?


Competitive cost of goods

S. cerevisiae is relatively inexpensive compared to other eukaryotic expression systems, such as mammalian cells, which can correctly fold complex therapeutic products. It grows quickly in low cost media and both strain development and scale-up pathways are proven and established, with overall production costs being much lower.


Highly successful track record

S. cerevisiae is already well-established for large-scale cGMP manufacturing of FDA approved biologics and Phenotypeca has the world’s largest collection of yeast strains specially modified for industrial recombinant protein production. Our team has over 200 years collective experience developing industrial processes for the manufacture of vaccines, therapeutics and other recombinant proteins.


Tailored to your process conditions

By starting with our library of 109 strains, we can quickly identify how well we can make your protein, and then optimise selected candidates to get the performance characteristics and quality attributes you want.


Strong IP Generation

You can license strains exclusively for your use or we can identify IP specific to your process, e.g. by high throughput phenotyping and quantitative trait loci (QTL) analysis. We can also help you define your process parameters and choose a contract manufacturer to meet your scale-up and market needs.
Phenotypeca - Why choose Our platform

Our Unique Solution

  • Our team has a unique combination of expertise in yeast molecular biology, protein chemistry, fermentation and cGMP biopharmaceutical manufacturing.
  • We have the world’s largest and unique collection of yeast strains engineered for stable industrial recombinant protein production, comprising approximately one billion (109) genetically distinct yeast.
  • Using proprietary methods developed from modern genomics and synthetic biology we can select and analyse candidate strains in weeks, not years.
  • Genome analysis, performed using our QTL software, can be used to identify the beneficial genetic traits responsible for the improved performance of your unique strains.
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